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Business & Life Coach


I am fully committed to shifting your business into the next level. My decades of experience will reduce your stress and allow you to make the best decisions confidently.


In the last 10 years, I've chosen more abundance by serving passionate and like-minded people. Co-creation has many benefits, from the collective consciousness of community, to our very unique and shared skill sets, while constantly redefining originality from massive internal work. The pleasure of creating with passionate individuals that feel like family is your choice now.


I have created much abundance in my life, but with help I have seen things that are beyond words and comprehension. Life apparently as I found out is so much better than seen on TV. I have expanded my creation to include art cars, art boats, healing centers with decentralized systems of abundance beyond what most think is even possible. ASK ME: you have a unique opportunity to access what I know as currently I want to share my proven systems of success with you.


I designed my life to achieve early retirement, and I accomplished that within the first ten years of committing to myself and realizing there is much more than financial wealth achievable to anyone willing to show up and do their human homework.


One of my current and past passions is to help others learn the lifestyle I learned to cultivate as I want the human race to succeed as the more that I witnessed, seen and believed in. I want you to have everything you need, so your life can overflow with your  favourite activities, people, places and things.


The Kertus Cramer Way brings you the tools, tricks and shortcuts that created my wealth as well as others. I want to help you achieve success in your business and personal life, and I won't settle for less once you commit to a Lifestyle design agreement that you/we agree upon. When you have everything you want, what will you do each day?


I know the answers for me and I have been living it for years. Now I know how to help you figure it together rather than on your own.


My Story As An Entrepreneur and Business Coach


I have been self employed since my teens. At a young age, I learned to repair and engineer anything mechanical, including keeping a 45-year old washing machine alive and working! In grade five, I started trading comics and games with other kids, and fixed electronics and hardware for the teachers for pay. In grade six through eight, I did repair, service, buying, and selling of bicycles, motorbikes, computers, and consumer electronics. I graduated with 98% in mechanics and continued to work with one of the most valuable commodities: vehicles!


After graduation, I discovered a bigger commodity: houses and commercial property. My first house has increased tenfold in value.  I have constructed and renovated many houses, businesses, and apartments, solo at first, and later employing a team of 19 covering three to five projects at a time.


I designed my life to achieve early retirement, and accomplished that within ten years of committing to myself and realizing there is so much more to financial wealth, which I believe is achievable by anyone willing to show up and do their human homework.

How Will The Kertus Cramer Way Help You?


I will share with you how I consistently achieved success on any project I started and how it can transform into things way better than I could have ever imagined because I believed.


I've spent the past ten years refining my approach through years of awesome sauce, pain and suffering and streamlined it into a cohesive multifaceted multiverse of potential. The Business Efficiency Audit will quickly show you exactly how to identify your opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs, increase profit and allow the flow of abundance to take shape. I will teach you to maximize and maintain value in your acquisitions, repair, service, sales, and follow up with clients. When you have a project encompassing construction, staging, advertising, and customer service, I can help you reduce costs and overhead, shorten your time to market, and out-perform any and all competition because I have already done it start to finish.


Let’s Make This Technology Work For You


I will help you optimize your computer systems from your network to workstation to portable devices and across all your web and social media platforms. I work with some of the best leaders in their field and have helped them and they have agreed to help me which helps you access a very specialized resource. I also know the cheapest and best service wholesalers for computer parts, hardware, materials and software with limitless potential in Canada and the US. We will integrate custom-built and off-the-shelf tools to create a smooth, streamlined experience for your customers and employees to feel what they could have never imagined.


Along the way, I will connect you with an extensive network of successful professionals who can help you fulfill all your requirements. It's not just getting the job done, it's how we do it. If we're not having fun, why bother?


Much of what I created to serve my life and the businesses I owned and operated are transferable to most industries. I have co-created or consulted on mostly, but not limited to the following sectors: small to large Electronics: Cellular, Computer. DJ & Karaoke, Software Development, Furniture Business acquisitions to sales of Small Engine Mechanics. Franchise Restaurants. Tax Management, Gas Stations. Property acquisitions,  maintenance, design, renovations, management, non profit community centers, and Art Spaces.


Success is a matter of perception. I will help you transform your sense of self into that which others have told how they see you. It is time to step more into your power and feel how powerful you really are. You have untapped strengths you know are yours, but don't quite feel them 100% yet. Why not have everything you want come to you sooner than later? I will help you take only the actions you need to take, and skip all the mistakes. From making strategic decisions under stress and realizing the psychological impacts one endures to get here to understanding the logical next steps, I’m here to guide you through any and all processes.


With my assistance, you will transform your plans from "someday, maybe" into "no time at all." 


Our Services Include:


  • Budgeting & Finance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Energy and Land-Use Efficiency

  • Supply-Chain Management

  • Computers & Technology

  • Psychological Reintegration into Yourself


Thank You For Your Time.


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Implementation Planning


Psychological Reintegration

“I’m so happy I chose to work with Kertus Cramer. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life.”

Sandy Williams

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you, Kertus Cramer, for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

Casey Johnson

“When I needed advice, Kertus Cramer was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With his help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

Robbie White

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Vancouver, BC Canada


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